Lauren Michelle Kinsey

Hello, my name is Lauren Michelle Kinsey. You can call me Lauren. On Twitter and Instagram my handle is @laurenmkinsey and I like to jokingly say that the middle initial stands for marketing. No, not the manipulative, deceptive marketing that some associate with the word marketing. I’m all about life enhancing marketing. I study forms of marketing that revolve around good healthy relationship building. I’ve seen time and again that abundant ROI can come from creating good products or services, being a good person, and having a smart business structure and marketing plan. No chicanery required. I educate about marketing that helps small business owners connect in their communities and thrive. Marketing is like money. It’s not inherently positive or negative, it’s how you use it that matters. 

lauren kinsey

I was raised in a creative home. My mother is a writer and an artist. My father was a philosopher. I grew up reading great books, memorizing poetry, writing short stories, poetry and plays, and performing in theater. I began blogging in 2008 and learned about social media marketing methods through that process. In 2012 I started to help friends who are small business owners with their social media marketing and realized that I had valuable information to share. I formed Show Up Online Columbus LLC in August of 2013 and began to officially work in the social media marketing industry.

I educate small business owners about…

- Social Media Campaigns
– Social Media Audits
– Social Media Management/ Community Management
– Social Media Content Creation
– Social Media Strategy
– Social Media Measurement
– Social Media and Public Relations
– Social Media Content Calendar Design
– Social Media Policy Creation
– Social Media Friendly Blog Posts
– Social Media Advertising
– Social Media Monitoring
– Social Sentiment Analysis
– Social Media Crisis Management
– Social Media Optimization
– Social Media and SEO
– Social Media Engagement