Lauren Michelle Kinsey

lauren kinsey

My parents met in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My mother dropped out of Brandeis University to pursue her dream of becoming a famous artist and writer. She was inspired by the Beat Generation literary movement. My parents traveled across country in an orange Volkswagen bus with a sun painted on the side. They were living in Haight-Ashbery in San Francisco when my older brother was born. They named him Liberty. When Liberty was two, my parents moved to North Dakota to live on a farm and “get back to the land.” They raised veggies and heirloom variety chickens. My parents divorced when I was four. My mother took my brother and I to Minneapolis and we grew up there. We spent summers with my father on a farm. I went to a full time school for the performing arts when I was 10. I acted and danced in local main stage productions. I took a summer playwriting class and was mentored by a local playwright. When I was 14 my father died by suicide.

When I was 13 my mother graduated with a Masters in English from the University of Minnesota. Her first job out of college was as a copywriter, but not long after that, she got a temporary job in the tech industry working as a technical writer. The 1980s were the time when personal computers were becoming common and “Silicon Valley” became a household term. My mother took a job as a technical writer in Silicon Valley when I was 16. We moved to California. Not long after we moved there, I ran away from home. I never moved back in with her. I supported myself financially from that point on.

I finished high school at a politically progressive alternative school in Minneapolis. I went to school for massage therapy in Minneapolis. I worked as a personal care attendant for people with disabilities. I lived in intentional communities. I went to college in Oregon and earned 79 credits with a 4.0 GPA. I worked as a nanny for wealthy families on the east coast. I met my partner Shannon in Philadelphia in 2005, when I was 33. We moved to Columbus in 2008 and I began blogging. In 2013 I started working as a social media marketing consultant. I’m currently a part-time student at Franklin University. I’m learning to code through free online resources. I’m available to consult, coach or speak on the topic of social media marketing.

Please visit my website for my business, Show Up Online Columbus LLC, if you’re interested in learning about…

- Social Media Campaigns
– Social Media Audits
– Social Media Management/Community Management
– Social Media Content Creation
– Social Media Strategy
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